What to Expect from Sparks Corporation Singapore Management Services

Committed to Satisfying Client Expectations

Our long and diversified experience in the industry has provided us the understanding of our clients’ goals, enabling us to work at delivering their investment needs and, thereby, strengthening our relationships which serve as the foundation of our company’s stability.


Customized Approach 

We believe that our independence is a valuable asset which provides an investment experience that is fitted to suit the specific needs and goals of every client under our care. Our assistance has, as a result, remained unbiased as we build practical wealth solutions for our clients.

Sparks Corporation does not sell products or prescribe self-oriented advice or information. On the contrary, we objectively consider what our clients say and what they want to accomplish and appreciate their situations before coming out with a clear plan to satisfy their requirements judiciously and efficiently.

Declaration of Rights

What to Expect

We subscribe to the principle that maintaining productive relationships with our clients requires a solid foundation. To set up that foundation and to assure that each client receives a reliable and excellent service, we present a Declaration of Rights to assist clients conceive expectations of our service performance.

Quality of Service


Clients deserve and expect proactive services delivered in a timely and courteous manner.

Professionals Advisors

Our clients will retain their original right to have direct access to a committed group of experts who are individually and collectively responsible for the efficient performance and management of our investment services. As individuals, each professional is chosen on his or her qualifications as an expert in one’s particular financial field. As a group, they work together to deliver creative solutions to remove obstacles our clients may encounter on a day-to-day basis. Our experts are our clients’ first line of defense against challenges in their investments. Keeping a constant watch over our clients’ welfare is our secret to our dependability and our excellent services.
Our Advice, Your Decisions

Our clients have the option of selecting between discretionary management or non-discretionary management-based services. We provide unbiased advice founded on our in-house current research output, present suggestions that we feel are highly appropriate to the prevailing conditions of every client, and then execute the strategy upon the clients’ approval.



Trust and transparency go together as one closely-linked requirement for excellent service. Our clients are certainly entitled to valuable information of the fees they expect to pay for our advisory services, deals and maintained portfolio management. We commit to divulge all rationales to our methods and explanations to issues raised without the use of confusing technical jargon.



We believe our clients should not wait for us to give attention to their affairs. Unhindered communication lines are provided together with direct access to our professionals. Numerous channels of communication are open and made available to guarantee that we do attend to the client's every need. The client deserves this facility and takes extra effort to provide it constantly.

Efficient Execution


Effective financial management goes beyond sound selection of investments. Transactional execution can be maximized to exploit currency-exchange potentials, by properly timing executions and by monitoring transactional expenses.