Tailored Solutions of Sparks Corporation Singapore Management Services

Sparks Corporation believes in satisfying its clients with the kind of service founded on a range of financial strategies that delivers their needs and objectives for the present and in the future. Moreover, we develop solutions that suit their specific circumstances in life and according to the potential they can attain given their assets and the opportunities available in the within their jurisdictions and even beyond. Sparks Corporation knows how to structure these solutions to greatly facilitate the achievement of our clients’ goals. Here are some of the steps through which Sparks Corporation accomplishes this:


Transaction Accounts

Unlimited and direct access to advice and implementation of conventional investment trading accounts, for instance, currency, options and margin.




Fee-Based Structure

Pre-determined account management and customized wealth service fees present our clients with a fair and accurate understanding of compensation costs.




Portfolio Management

A discretionary approach that enables and authorizes the Investment Advisor to develop, execute and conduct current maintenance of investments on the client’s behalf. Decision-making will be done with reference to your personal investment profile.



Asset Management

Based on a single annual fee, Asset Management accounts allows you the freedom and versatility to dynamically set and attain your financial objectives minus the problem of high transactional fees.



Comprehensive Solution

This is particularly designed to provide a total wealth management plan to withstand the financial obstacles connected with significant wealth. Itemized financial parts are integrated into one effective mechanism aimed at diversifying invested interests and designing tax-responsive structures using various mandates, asset types and investment approaches.