Sparks Corporation Singapore Management Services on Private Client Services


Comprehensive Wealth Services to meet the Demands of Dynamics Investors

Sparks Corporation aims to deliver a comprehensive wealth management strategy and efficient investment services, from a team of highly-experienced financial experts with wide exposure in the disciplines of investment management, estate preparation and tax planning.

What We Do:

Our Private Client Services consists of a discretionary portfolio management planning process designed for high-value investor-clients. In providing independent financial management services, we collaborate closely with every client to provide a bespoke strategy directly aimed at attaining their personal objectives and financial dreams. Since we allow our clients to have direct and unhindered interaction with our team of financial experts, we see to it that each client will have the best team suited to help the client achieve his or her self-generated investment objectives. This way, we can assure our clientele that we leave no stone unturned on their path toward their financial security.

Do private client services meet your needs?

Clients who avail of our private client services usually look for the following:

·         Professionally-managed portfolio strategies

·         Discretionary management within a special investment profile

·         Prefer sophisticated transition planning from present traditional investment options

·         Tax-efficient investing over various primary jurisdictions

·         Financial planning arising from a monetizing source, for instance, inheritance, property sale or business liquidation

Flexible, Customized Financial Solutions

Being our client, your account will be managed based on the Sparks Corporation investment philosophy mentioned above. Utmost on our minds is the preservation of your wealth while endeavoring to assure that your risk tolerance capability suits your specific investment choices. Working together as client and manager, we can develop a diversified solution to deliver viable investment opportunities in spite of any sort of volatile market environment. Flexibility has been a feature of Sparks Corporation’s approach to investment, allowing us to weather all kinds of investment challenges and obstacles. Our clients are fully aware of our capabilities.

Hence, according to the client’s particular needs, portfolios are developed according to the following opportunities:

Large Cap Core Equity


To capitalize on the benefits of particular global equities to meet investment goals, to assist in optimizing tax management and to minimize transaction management expenses.

Mutual Funds


To actively manage pinpointed solutions involving a wider scope of asset types, jurisdictions and industry sectors.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFS)


To focus on particular asset type under the requirements