Sparks Corporation Singapore Management Services: Portfolio Review

Making Your Money Work Harder For You Is What Do Best

Sparks Corporation’s non-discretionary portfolio-review services are aimed at producing a comprehensive understanding of your financial situation, investment choices and attitude with regard to risk. It is only after recognizing such factors that you can sit down with our professionals to design your portfolio around your day-to-day financial requirements and long-term goals.



Our personalized approach to investment management guarantees that the investment plan we develop is aimed at attaining your financial objectives. Furthermore, our capability covers a scope of financial areas which allows us to provide a realistic perspective of your potential with regard to long-term investment, tax mitigation and retirement goals.


Eventually, our goal and commitment is to assist every client to live a lifestyle consistent with their present and future preferences.


Independently-Driven to Reach Our Goals


Sparks Corporation has the complete independence to provide wealth management services and investment strategies covering various choices of plans to cover the particular needs of every client we manage.


Our status as an independent company allows us to provide unbiased advice unhindered by the common restriction often imposed upon larger institutions and investment firms. Unlike many firms, as well, we do not sell products or lead our clients to any of our preferred service. On the contrary, we fit solutions to satisfy the needs of every client under the care of our professionals and with the help of our contemporary in-house research experts. Doing so, we assure our clients that we utilize our independence not further any agenda except their best interests.


Strategic Asset Allocation


We stand by the idea that strategic asset allocation is essential in maintaining investment success. As a practice in regard to investor profiles, we regularly evaluate the asset design of every portfolio we manage. With our diligent team of Portfolio Managers, we keep regular communication links to cover any changes in the particulars of clients and of fluctuations within the market. We aim to assure our clients that the balance of assets is optimally managed to satisfy client expectations. We know no other way of satisfying our clients other than providing them positive results constantly.


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