Sparks Corporation Singapore Management Services: Account Management

Flexible Account Management Options

We appreciate our every client’s need to comprehend their financial and personal conditions as well as their need to develop their potential to create wealth or to enhance it. With every client being unique and different from every other client, our job is quite a challenging task. Because of this, we have developed several account management services to accommodate a selection of common choices priced based on the level of service required by a particular client. They are the following:

Brokerage Transaction Accounts

We deliver a complete range of brokerage transaction services to incorporate currency, margin trading futures and options.

Fee Based Accounts

We provide a transparent fee-based service that has a pre-determined management fee depending on the level and type of services needed. Our comprehensive wealth management solutions allow clients with the versatility to select a single service or to join together two or more services into a unified wealth management structure.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

This is based on a customized Client Investment Profile (CIP) which allows clients to assign the responsibility of decision-making to his or her Wealth Advisor. The discretionary portfolio management service presents quarterly reporting and retains the flexibility for our clients to be involved with innovative allocation of assets.

Inclusive Asset Management

As client and advisor, a preset fee is agreed upon to free the pursuit of investment strategy from personal transaction costs. The inclusive asset management account retains the benefit of advice from an assigned team made up of Wealth Advisors as well as administrative support.