Investment Approach of Sparks Corporation Singapore Management Services


Sparks Corporation believes in maximizing opportunities for growth. Hence, our investment approach is founded on a diversified and disciplined strategy, providing clients with the highest prospects for achieving their aspirations.


Our comprehensive approach to managing our clients’ assets transcends mere asset distribution but also applies a set of effective strategies. Hence, while taking into account the tolerance risk of every client, we adapt the following strategies in our investment approach.


Private Client Services


Sparks Corporation aims to deliver a comprehensive wealth management strategy and efficient investment services, from a team of highly-experienced financial experts with wide exposure in the disciplines of investment management, estate preparation and tax planning.


Wealth Preservation


Sparks Corporation’s primary goal is to preserve and increase your assets’ worth. Very often, we meet clients who desire to attain key milestones as they journey and develop in life, for instance, keeping a comfortable lifestyle when they retire, providing support for dependents, while assuring that the next generations will benefit from estate planning.


Every client we manage possesses a specific set of short-term and long-term aspirations. Sparks Corporation takes the responsibility to assure our clients of their capability to realize their financial aspirations.


Porpolio Review


Sparks Corporation’s non-discretionary portfolio-review services are aimed at producing a comprehensive understanding of your financial situation, investment choices and attitude with regard to risk. It is only after recognizing such factors that you can sit down with our professionals to design your portfolio around your day-to-day financial requirements and long-term goals.

Tailored Solutions


Sparks Corporation believes in satisfying its clients with the kind of service founded on a range of financial strategies that delivers their needs and objectives for the present and in the future. Moreover, we develop solutions that suit their specific circumstances in life and according to the potential they can attain given their assets and the opportunities available in the within their jurisdictions and even beyond. Sparks Corporation knows how to structure these solutions to greatly facilitate the achievement of our clients’ goals.