Become a Client of Sparks Corporation Singapore Management Services

Achieve your Financial Goals

Becoming a client of Sparks Corporation is quite easy and is financially rewarding. We appreciate our clients’ great desire to achieve their investment objectives according to their unique circumstances. For this purpose, we endeavor to obtain a comprehensive understanding of your financial requirements and what you hope to gain by committing to an investment strategy with our company.

Without an in-depth and broad vision of your expectations, we cannot build an effective partnership of your dreams and our experiences.

Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Management

We offer two Unique Account Structures which are managed in various ways:

Discretionary portfolio management includes a fee-based service requiring minimal input into the investment decision-making procedure. We will provide you with a list of strategies, each fitted to your specific goals in mind. Through counsel and discussion with your wealth advisor, you will choose a plan that suits your personal convenience.

We commonly accept applications with minimum investment capabilities of $30,000. Our services are fee-based and directly connected to a multi-leveled fee schedule based on the level of investment.

Non-discretionary management includes a transaction and commission-based model designed to incorporate but not limited to variables of asset class, introduction, preliminary guidance and level of capital invested.

Clients making use of our non-discretionary services are encouraged to discuss this choice in detail with his or her wealth advisor before applying for assistance.